Entrepreneur profiles from previous seasons

It’s not unusual for an entrepreneur to have an electrifying idea, but few take this more literally than Winstone Jordaan, MD of GridCars, a company
ASAX Agencies
While a bad workman may lay the blame on his tools, a good craftsman nonetheless understands that an effective tool offers value that cannot easily be
Sometimes, an event makes a business, but it takes a special kind of person to create a business that makes events. Dean Gunningham’s business,
SG Plastic
Teenagers may hate anyone they deem as being ‘plastic’, but there are many companies out there that are desperate for the services of a genuine
Legaci Dry Cleaners
Every entrepreneur dreams of making it big, of taking things to the cleaners, so to speak. Dudu Mofokeng was no different, despite the fact that her
MadMead Brewing
In South Africa, whether you are having a party, watching sport or enjoying a braai, there is always one common denominator – everyone loves an
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a business that is all about pictures must have incalculable value. If you were to ask Brett Lewis, owner
Ivan Potter’s definition of ‘heavy metal’ is somewhat different to that of the average teenager’s, since Ivan’s company - iLED Manufacturing
Cold Feet
Nicholas Thompson was taught from a young age to look for opportunities and to never be scared to challenge the status quo. That advice has stood in
Livestock Wealth
The stock market can prove to be quite confusing for the average investor, what with all its talk of bulls and bears. Frustrated by an inability to
Ensight Energy Solutions
Being an entrepreneur often requires boundless energy, so clearly Rod Welford is in the right game, since he is not only an entrepreneur, but his
Qhakaza Africa Consulting
Every good architect knows that a successful project is built on a strong foundation, which is why Mandisa Daki believes her company, Qhakaza Africa
A&A Containers
Sometimes, an entrepreneur will have an idea that is just too big to be contained, and other times, it turns out that the container is the idea!
African Thread Tape
Having grown up with parents who ran their own businesses, Colwyn Savings always knew that he just needed to ‘stick’ to his guns and he would
Infanta Foods
Most small business owners would tell you that a family-owned company is the one that takes the cake – unless it happens to be Marisa da Silva, of
Wings n Things
A famous slogan once proposed that ‘if you don’t have wings, you’ll never fly’, so when Wendy Thatcher obtained her private pilot licence, she
Most businesses wouldn’t last very long if their owners left them running on remote control, yet Christopher Clark has turned Rocketmine into a
115 Electrical
It is no real shock to learn that Anthony Mpati is a bright spark, someone who is plugged into current trends well enough to quickly realise he could
Atomic Oil
If you thought it was only on TV shows like CSI where lab tests could be performed and the results returned almost immediately, Sean Cooley’s
Some people contemplating launching their own business find themselves in a state of flux. Phineas Letsoalo, on the other hand, decided to turn flux
When faced with adversity, some people sink into despair. Others see it as the necessary kick in the backside they need to persevere with their
Sid Forman Jewellers
David Forman always gets a giggle out of the fact that his business is all about the family jewels. His father launched Sid Forman Jewellers many
If you thought the little yellow guy in the eighties video game Pacman demonstrated determination in his attempts to eat all the little electronic
Starting a new business can be a hair-raising experience for some, but Ntombenhle Khathwane has the perfect answer for that challenge, thanks to her
Mega Bags
If employees answer any of Gerrie van Zyl’s queries with the phrase ‘three bags full, sir’, they are not being facetious, they are giving him
For all those businesses seeking an alternative to SMS communication, Andrew Cook plans to Notafy them of a new development in the market. He says he
Page Mark Africa
Sometimes, the best thing an entrepreneur can be is to simply ‘be real’ – and in the case of Kyle Parker and Page Mark Africa, he will ensure no
Everyone knows that curiosity killed the cat, but at the same time, it apparently launched the business careers of Ntando Kubheka and Tumi Marope.
Carmi Hatters
New business success is often a bit like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, which means that Arun Mistry is halfway there already, thanks to his company,
Mashau Salphina Electrical
Lao Tzu once said it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness, but Malakia Madzhie, Mashau Salphina Electrical decided it is even better to
All Transport Needs
Mark Dickson has always been an ambitious man, with a plan to drive his own destiny. Instead of simply finding the right vehicle to do achieve this
LA Intronet
In any sporting movie, the protagonist always reaches their peak thanks to a training montage. While montage training doesn’t exist in the real
The Bespoke Amenities Company
It’s not where your product is made, but the care and attention with which it is made, and the quality and service you provide with it. This is the
Nace Logistics
When even your family members suggest you have diesel in your veins instead of blood, the transport and logistics industry must seem a perfect fit.
Public Display Technologies
Many people claim to have seen ‘the sign’, but far fewer realise that there’s a fair chance it was one of Christopher Clark’s digital media
RAC Driving Solutions
When Willie Nelson was pining to be ‘on the road again’, he clearly didn’t mean South African roads, which have a notoriously bad reputation in
Bundu Power
The struggle for power has been part of human history for as long as we can remember, but that struggle has taken a decisive turn since Nicholas von
Software Testing Solutions Pty Ltd
Many people get into the IT space in the vain view that it is ‘all about the money’, but with STS Africa, Dr Shahed Suliman Nosarka actually took
Amtronix Pty Ltd
Nothing is more important than one’s health, is how the old saying puts it, and Amtronix takes that to heart, offering a full range of screening,
Industrial Data Xchange (IDX)
Sometimes, industrial-size challenges require industrial-size solutions, but David Bean founded Industrial Data Xchange on the simple principle that
Big B Chickens
Having started his career as full time musician, singing for the band Changing Face, Lloyd Peltier knew from an early point in his career that he
Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro
When it comes to filling a gap in the market, very few can do it like a schwarma expert. Mark Goldberg says that his 20 years’ experience in the
Valverde Eco Hotel
It’s nothing new for someone launching a new business to be a little ‘green’, but Pamina Bohrer takes this to a whole new level with the
E4 Strategic
To make money, one has to know money, so what better business to be in than one that offers solutions that cover everything from conveyancing to debt
3% Com Properties
It seems to be taken as a given that selling a house in South Africa today will cost the seller a massive commission from the estate agent
‘Bigger, better, faster, more’ seems to be the motto of consumers in the modern, connected world; taking the motto one step further, Jennifer
Where Crowded House turned the phrase ‘it’s only natural’ into a catchy pop song, Basheer Vally has turned the same into a credible alternative
Essential Life
Someone once said that the only necessities in life worth having are the luxuries. This is certainly an idea taken to heart by Adrian Lombard, whose
IYC Office Interiors CC
“Consider yourself part of the furniture”, was what the Artful Dodger told Oliver Twist in the musical of the same name, and Gary Da Silva of IYC
Pretalog Starde
There may be a million ways to dye, but very few are ideal for African hair, particularly dreadlocks and afros. However, says Lebogang Morule, he
Lere’s Shoe Shine
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came were the unforgettable words that introduced Cheers and
When does an aqua pump have nothing to do with water? When it’s an Aquapump, of course! Clifford Topper explains that although his company is named
Pentafloor CC
Larry Shakinovsky believes his business can floor any customer, and he proves this adage by supplying affordable, high quality, flexible access
Neledzi Cleaning
If cleanliness is next to godliness, then Patrick Makhubela’s company must be in something close to heaven. That is because he has built Neledzi
Lift and Shift Equipment
If there’s one person who knows how to rise to an occasion, John Bowman is it. After all, his career began 20 years ago in the crane industry, and
Prime Circle
It takes a lot more than a mere ‘Hello, Hello’ to become a renowned rock band, as popular South African rockers Prime Circle well know. According
Moshate Media
Why make noise for the sake of it, when you can deliver a clear and concise message? It was the answer to this question that drove Mahlatse Masimini
When people speak of having something ‘in the bag’ few can match what Reabetswe Ngwane and her company, Rethaka Trading have managed to get in a
St Georges Fine Foods
Adam Catzavelos is a guy who likes to get very saucy when it comes to how he operates his business. This is not because what he does is rude in any
Big Al's Group
A burger is a burger, except when it’s not! And it’s not just a burger when it’s one of the big burgers from Big Al’s Group. This is a company
Crime Scene Clean-up
While it is a truism that the criminals never return to the scene of the crime, it is an equally sad fact of life that relatives and loved ones often
DIY enthusiasts thrill to the mere thought of the tools required to perform a particular job, but when it comes to purchasing these, most wooden go
AM Solar
While, so the saying goes, the farmer makes hay while the sun shines, Alastair Armstrong has gone one better with his business, AM Solar, which makes
General Post
When Oscar night comes around, Hollywood is abuzz at the thought of who will win the little golden statuettes, but precious little thought is given to
ReMaCon Products cc
Pink Floyd’s seminal album, ‘The Wall’, may have proven to be a record-breaker, but no-one knows walls quite as well as Silvio Ferraris, owner
Mobile Trailer Solutions
Most experts believe that mobility is critical to the success of a business, and Alan Plank, of Mobile Cold Rooms, certainly agrees. However, where
Generally speaking, most people would admit that service is simply not what it used to be. This is particularly true in the healthcare sector, where
While data effectively means knowledge, too much data means the opposite – an inability to manage your accounts because you are overburdened with
It used to be a given that when you needed information, you let your fingers do the walking. But what if you are an organisation that needs to obtain
Spiderman is known to do whatever a spider can, purely because he need never fear falling from a great height, thanks to the sticky webbing he shoots.
Dynamic Propshafts & c.v.joints
Some businesses are all talk, but for Deon Labuschagne, his business is all about torque. Dynamic Propshafts & CV Joints is a specialist company
The College of Digital Photography
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when you’re holding a camera, it is a much trickier proposition to make something beautiful. Unless,
Olive Communications
The black market requires a specialised advertising and communications approach, according to Karabo Songo. Not the criminal underworld, however, but
Mr Sandless,
When John Travolta soulfully sang about Sandy in the 1977 film ‘Grease’, he was talking about his exchange student girlfriend, but he could just
Croftlyn T/A Afridesign
Making critical business decisions is never easy, particularly when you have to work your way through reams of boring data and spread sheets. But what
Delivery Xtreme
When you’ve got spooks in your house, who’re you going to call? Ghostbusters, naturally. However, when you need good quality food and you need it
Rexus Trading Pty Ltd
While it is not common business practice for SMEs to merely ‘go with the flow’, Rexus Trading has built its business on doing exactly that. Owner
It is almost a cliché in most Hollywood movies, where the hero – despite following the protocol of stepping out into the road and yelling
Crayve Presentations (Pty) Ltd.
People seldom pay much attention to the box a gift comes in, since it is merely the container that holds the surprise. However, when you are selling
Vuma Tech Engineering
Nobody likes to be wound up, which is why it seems a little strange that Daniel Sibisi has crafted an entire business model out of this. Vuma Tech
Kushesh Express
While Kushesh Express’ name may be reminiscent of an Indian take-away restaurant, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a company founded
Heavens Lofts
When you want a room with a view, it is generally accepted that you will have to put up with dust, noise and inconvenience, and in some instances,
Repairs Pro Technology
The term ‘cloud nine’, being one that raises images of happiness and an easy life, is therefore not one that would generally be associated with
Hair Heroes
Launching a new business can be a hair-raising experience, but not when you’ve been in the business of hair for as long as Derek Wong has. Hair
The Roman poet Juvenal once asked the question: ‘Who guards the guards?’ Martin Doyle’s company, Cor-Secure doesn’t so much answer the
If a change is as good as a holiday, Salim Gani has effectively been on holiday for the past 12 years, ever since he made the change from the retail
Closing the Gap Education
It doesn’t take an educated guess to realise that many people today are unhappy with the state of education in the country. For Adam Dobson, it was
Mpowered Business Solutions
Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is an issue that all South African businesses need to deal with, even though few know exactly how to tackle the
Highveld Taxidermists
There are very few small businesses that would survive if the principle message they sent to their customers was ‘we want you to get stuffed’.
Radical Holdings (Pty) Ltd
South Africa is a rugged country, which explains why so many people feel the need to drive 4x4s. However, little consideration of this fact is given
Everyone has their own unique social media style, so why shouldn’t your social media interface reflect your personality and quirks? That was the
The Friendly Plant (Pty) Ltd
A man’s home may be his castle, but his garden is his kingdom, which is why Craig de Necker, an internationally-recognised award-winning landscape
Studio 05 House of Fashion
While the clothes may make the man, the question is: who makes the clothes? This is where Cecilia Mungofa’s Studio 05 School of Fashion comes in –
Spectank (Pty) Ltd
If a large part of business success is built on chemistry, then Simon Priestley’s company, Spectank, is going to take over the world. Simon and his
Eco Smart Group
In today’s throwaway culture, going green is not just smart, it’s Eco Smart! Lise Kuhle, owner of the Eco Smart Group says that she believes
Gulfstream Energy (Pty) Ltd
Business success can never be achieved by playing the fool, but Shane Jegels has turned that on its head by playing with fuel! His company, Gulfstream
Cure Day Clinics
Doctors in the modern world may no longer do house calls, but that doesn’t mean there are no options available for people who require minor
No company worth its salt ever wants to be associated with ‘gravy train riders’, but eliminating fraud and corruption from a business is not
Freq'ncy Audio and Freq'ncy Music
While it may seem that the hills may come alive to the sound of music, the reality is that the sound and music is usually added in, post production.
Fateema's Halaal Foods
While there are many participants in the fast food game, Fatima and Deanin Jadean are not amongst them – she says they are far too serious about
The Herbal Pet
Animals are a lot like people – they suffer from allergies, become stressed and can get hurt. Many people are also opposed to using laboratory
Being online is now the mainline to being an effective and successful business. Wayne Diamond, owner of DiaMatrix understands this, which is why this
Every good business knows that keeping the customer happy is tantamount to success, but understanding the customer in order to ensure their happiness
Sugar Shoes
As a mother herself, Kerry-Anne Formo, has an innate understanding of the needs of parents when choosing their children’s furniture. Coming out of a
Palolem Investments t/a Pro-Parts
When it comes to older and second-hand vehicles, keeping them on the road becomes a little bit trickier – you could say that without the right
Scully Scooters
Lynne Scullard has a dream – one in which South Africans embrace the freedom, cost efficiency and environmental benefits of using scooters, rather
Crunching the numbers is something that all scientists and engineers inevitably have to do. However, the technical intricacies of these fields today
The last thing any trailer manufacturer or fleet operator wants is for the wheels to come off, since in their case it would happen literally, rather
Action Cameras
Skydiving, bungee jumping, off-road biking and scuba diving all have one thing in common – the thrill of the adrenaline rush. But how does one
MDS Collivery
Sometimes, the delivery or collection requirements of a customer simply do not click with the service offered by the courier company. This is why Hugh
Shield Technologies
Welding is a difficult enough task to perform effectively without having to worry about spatter, which has to be properly cleaned from the welded
Infection protection Products (pty) Ltd
Cleanliness is next to godliness, so the saying goes, but keeping ones hands clean and hygienic in public places can test even the most religious of
Tracer and CQM Software International (Pty) Ltd
With the growing number of mobile workers today, it is becoming difficult for companies to ensure effective management and information transfer
Some people may be lucky enough to have an uncle in the furniture business, but for the rest of us, obtaining modern, high quality household fixtures
Shine On Polish cc
While elbow grease helps you to get your work done more quickly, when it comes to really brightening up your day, a good old-fashioned polish is hard
Godding & Godding Cc.
Even people who think luxury is unaffordable at present would think twice when faced with Godding & Godding’s range of products that combine the
Barex Agencies cc
To operate a successful entrepreneurial business, one requires all the right ingredients, so it is no wonder that John Bothma and his company, Barex
dW Logistics cc
The world has become more environmentally conscious, meaning that creating unnecessary garbage a major issue. When one considers the vast amount of
Gary Rom Hairdressing
Some businesses have what it takes to make the cut, while for others, it is a case of hair today, gone tomorrow. Gary Rom Hairdressing definitely
MTI Technologies
IT support is one of those must-haves in today’s connected information age. However, there is a perception that the people providing it can be dour
LA Intronet
In any sporting movie, the protagonist always reaches their peak thanks to a training montage. While montage training doesn’t exist in the real
The Friendly Plant (Pty) Ltd
A man’s home may be his castle, but his garden is his kingdom, which is why Craig de Necker, an internationally-recognised award-winning landscape
Action Cameras
Skydiving, bungee jumping, off-road biking and scuba diving all have one thing in common – the thrill of the adrenaline rush. But how does one
PGS Heritage and Grave Relocation Consultants
Wouter Fourie, of PGS Heritage and Grave Relocation Consultants, certainly has one of the stranger jobs on record. While grave relocation is no
The concept of e-learning is not a new one, but South Africa’s ongoing bandwidth constraints had so far relegated it to the realm of wishful
Cowboys Don't Cry Design Pty Ltd
While it is said that cowboys don’t cry, no-one knew whether the same holds true for motorcyclists, until Preston van Wyk launched his Cowboys
The Perfume Gallery
A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but the same doesn’t always hold true for perfumes. Robert Fraser’s company, The Perfume Gallery,
Effective Control Systems
A famous newspaperman once said “print and be damned” – a noble attribute for the press to have, but one which would certainly have got him into
Amayeza Info Services cc
When it comes to pharmaceutical and medicine-related information, you simply cannot afford to get it wrong. Having been a pharmacist for 35 years, Lee
Latitude 26 Project Consulting
There is a lot that impacts on the psychology of the working environment, so it always helps to have someone around who understands how the human
Graphic Wizard(PTY) Ltd
A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, so obtaining the right kind of graphic to make a statement and get your brand known is
Visual Air Productions (Pty) Ltd
In any business, putting things into perspective is crucial to success. Understanding this, Stephen Verheul launched Visual Air Productions, a company
Eight Bit Octopus
The multiple arms of the octopus are suggestive of a creature capable of doing a vast array of different things at once, so it is no surprise then
TWJ Trading Enterprise CC
When you are a small business, it is difficult to cater for all eventualities, unless you happen to operate a business like Thandi Johnson’s TWJ
Rebar Mesh & Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd
Some business owners are constantly striving to build their business – for Louis Aylward, of Rebar, Mesh & Construction Supplies, building is his
Osiris Healthcare
People love to offer the platitude that as long as you have your health, you can be happy, but who can really be happy when the multinationals grip on