Lesco Manufacturing
A good business always adapts. Many a businessman has heard the phrase ‘adapt or die’, which is exactly the situation Jonathan Shapiro found
Green Outdoor Gyms
Getting fit can be a walk in the park. Tim Hogins has taken the idea that the great outdoors inspires people to be healthy and fit to a whole new
CAD House
Design it, then print it. Whether it’s a product, a prototype or a part, if you can envision it, CAD House has the skills and equipment to print
Africa People Mover
Another one rides the bus. Africa People Mover provides the missing link in intercity bus transport – delivering a safe, reliable and punctual
J2 Software
Security that is more than physical. J2 Software delivers tailor-made cyber-security solutions for businesses of all sizes, to handle the rapidly
Content Candy
Great content that needs no sugar-coating. Content Candy helps businesses to tell their brand story via a range of mediums, in the sweetest manner
Eltherm South Africa
A business simmering at the right temperature. Eltherm SA takes the less than well-known concept of ‘heat tracing’ and uses it to improve
iSiYalu Manufacturing
The clothing makes the man. Isiyalu Manufacturing is a clothing cooperative that produces clothing for a range of industries – but it is built
K1 Recycling
One man’s waste is another man’s business. K1 Recycling is a buy-back centre for plastic waste and makes a difference in the lives of hundreds
Supply Chain Partner
Turning procurement on its head. Supply Chain Partner is dedicated to assisting clients to not only achieve compliance, but also to realise
The Green Energy Warehouse
Suntoy will light up your life. With a business strategy built around developing innovative, solar-powered products, Suntoy is a lean, clean and
Giving the customer an unforgettable experience. Agilitude focuses on assisting companies to build better customer experiences through its customer
R&G Logistics
R&G Logistics keeps on trucking. A woman-owned transport and logistics company is unusual in what is traditionally a male-dominated industry –
Millers Antiques
Antique doesn’t have to mean old. When it comes to delivering high quality, real wood furniture in the antique English and French style, nobody
Jodam Manufacturers
This one’s in the bag! When it comes to cosmetic bags and promotional packaging, experience, innovation and artistic design ability are critical
Makwande Auctioneers
A business that’s going once, going twice…. Makwande Auctioneers is a young, black, female-owned business that specialises in disposing – via
Fieldspace Property Group
The virtual reality estate market. A leader in the real estate market, Fieldspace Property is reaching new heights, thanks to its ground-breaking
Jamsco Automotive Assemblies
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Jamsco Automotive Assemblies proves that local is lekker by providing stamped and assembled car
Africa House
Intelligence for Africa! Success in a new market is built on effective information about the region you are investing in. Africa House is a
Lardiere Fine Foods
Hungry for more! When the top hotels, lodges and boutique establishments require preservative-free, bespoke artisanal room treats for their guests,
Health Haven
Here’s to your health! Health Haven is a medical practice that services patients suffering from both chronic diseases and diminishing medical aid
Chartall Business College
Getting promotion by degrees. Chartall Business College assists white collar workers to turn real-world experience and skills into a recognised
Reba Chemicals
It’s pure chemistry! As a provider of locally manufactured chemicals for the mining, automotive, industrial and water-treatment arenas, Reba
bizAR Reality
Already a virtual success. By developing programs to enable simulated training and improved communications within the corporate market, bizAR
I am your music man (and much more too). Mitech Direct offers customers access to skills and products across the entire spectrum of musical and
The environmentally friendly way to eliminate construction waste. Eco-Match is a recycled concrete aggregate handler that adopts green principles
UAV and Drone Solutions
A secure eye-in-the-sky. UAV and Drone Solutions is utilising a disruptive new technology as a means to fight both wildlife crime and provide more
EndlessLife Services
Is there a doctor in the house? EndlessLife Services helps overcome the many challenges faced by the public in respect of medical and social
Bridge Taxi Finance
A Bridge over troubled waters. The importance of the SA taxi industry should not be underestimated, and Bridge Taxi Finance helps owners and
A+ Students
It all adds up to success! If future success depends on current maths knowledge, A+ Students is providing a generation of children with the skills