Turn anyone into a professional exhibitionist Not many people can turn exhibitionism into a career, but Sandro Corrado is not just anybody. Having
Rydawi Fish Farm
Turning something fishy into a great business There’s nothing fishy about choosing the career you have always wanted - unless you happen to be
Just what the doctor ordered! Waiting in a doctor’s room for an hour, Stephen van der Watt noticed that the one thing every patient had in common
Ambient Office Systems
Building or moving office interiors is easy as pie In the modern working world, office rigidity is a thing of the past, and businesses today want
Matla Risk Management Services
Money for jam (and other products) South Africa has a unique culture with its many spaza shops, but local owners face many challenges, particularly
Winters Business Enterprise
The business that’s too cool for words Some like it hot, but there are always other who prefer it cold, and Winders Mpofu, of Winters
Kevali Chemical Group
Getting the right reaction! While most new businesses will offer customers a solution, Kevali Chemical Group is unique in that its solutions are
Integrity Control Systems
Providing security with Integrity Bouncing back from a rough patch requires integrity, but for Claudia Coetzer, it became the key focus on her
Ashkan Consulting
Healthy livestock need their vitamins (and minerals and nucleotides) Kantha Mehta founded Ashkan Consulting because she wanted to be in charge of
Memeza Shout
Shout, shout - let it all out Safety is a basic right, whatever community you come from, and when Thulile Mthethwa’s sister suffered a violent
The Godfada Recording Label
Play that funky music! When it comes to records, Masia Mashapa knows a thing or two about making and breaking them. Having been a buyer of deep
Technique Electronics
It’s all about having the right Technique As someone who has always loved building things and solving problems, Bryan Hart quickly identified
Semane Consulting Engineers
Don’t get technical – leave that to the consultants Engineering consultants operate in a very specialised realm, so when Joel Mokgohlwa
Precious Ties Trading
Making a clean sweep! They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and Sizwe Tshabalala learned to appreciate small scale pollution treatment as
For best results, use the eRoute2market In the modern world, data is much more than just a character on ‘Star Trek: The Next generation. Data can
Calgan Recliners
A lounge lizard is better than a couch potato! Lounging around is no way to make a living, particularly since – as Cecil Kagan found out after 20
Southern Mapping
X marks the spot! Location, location, location may be the realtor’s mantra, but unless you know a bit more detail about the property, location is
National Solder Company
Some people live in a state of flux, while others give up a chosen profession to move into flux. That’s exactly what Kiritkumar Daya did, having
On-Track Technology
Getting on the right track Weight and stress are not only problems middle-aged people have to fear – they can be just as concerning in the rail
Columba Leadership
Building a better and more ethical society Everyone who goes into business wants to be a success, but few take the step beyond, and create an