Generally speaking, most people would admit that service is simply not what it used to be. This is particularly true in the healthcare sector, where there has been a decline in medical services that are provided in hospitals, while in many cases, patients are not kept in hospital once their medical aid funding runs out. This is where ISISA Healthcare usually steps in. Mary Hook, a veteran of half a century in the nursing arena, founded the company with several other retired nursing sisters as a means of providing quality supervised home care nursing. She adds that this is very important, as friends and family often find it very difficult to cope with someone who has to be cared for at home. ISISA, she says, provides home-based healthcare nursing, wound care, care of the elderly, frail care, rehabilitative care, care for neurological cases and diseases, post-operative care, general care and nursing for children and babies – basically, all functions dealing with the care of a person in their home surroundings. Mary explains that ISISA only services the Gauteng region for the simple expedient that the partners feel that it is a very hands-on business, meaning they wish to keep it under their personal supervision. As dedicated nurses, all the partners share a passion for excellent service delivery and a caring approach to clients, and Mary says she hopes that by providing specialist care, the business can support families in need. What she would like to be able to do is to diversify into other forms of home help – such as driving clients to the shops or caring for children after school - but adds that this will require transport and drivers. At present, the business will continue to tailor its caring needs to the patients’ requests and endeavour to nurse in the old fashioned way, concludes Mary.

On-air Interview