The Perfume Gallery


A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but the same doesn’t always hold true for perfumes. Robert Fraser’s company, The Perfume Gallery, aims to overcome this problem as it is a business with the ability to personalise a fragrance to suit the individual.He says that The Perfume Gallery is a specialist perfumer with more than 250 different A-grade, oil-based fragrances to choose from, as well as a wide cosmetic range. However, it is this personalising touch that enables it to identify the exact requirements of each customer.Robert says that he believes at least part of his success is due to the fact that he started as a novice in the industry, without any of the usual preconceived ideas about how a business of this nature should or could work. After a decade in the game, he adds that he still relishes the challenge of the business. At present his customer base is limited to direct consumers in shopping malls, but he has plans to develop other franchisees, appoint local agents in remote areas and move into Africa via international sales agents and distributors. Robert is hard at work developing this brand into a household name, which will be able to provide a complete umbrella range of its own branded products, as well as developing a proper online sales strategy.To achieve these lofty ambitions, Robert says that the critical ingredient will be to obtain the right levels of exposure, in order to kick-start the process. He adds that financial assistance could also come in handy, although he has been trying to grow organically for as long as he can, to prevent the business becoming capital intensive.

On-air Interview