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Effective Control Systems


A famous newspaperman once said “print and be damned” – a noble attribute for the press to have, but one which would certainly have got him into trouble had the paper been utilising the services of Chris Symons’ company, Effective Control Systems.Chris designs and develops software and hardware systems to manage large fleets of printers and copiers. He says the business reduces costs by making individuals responsible for what they print, discouraging non business-related printing. It can also enforce rules to eliminate the wastage of paper, make sure that the right size and quality printing device is used and generate accurate billing reports, to make the client’s life easier.He adds that he has been in the electronics and software industry ever since he qualified from Technikon Witwatersrand. After doing his initial practical training with the SABC he moved into industrial process control. It soon became apparent to Chris that there was a need for a print control product, and that he had the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop something to fill that gap. He therefore launched Effective Control Systems in 1986, building a customer base by demonstrating effective proof of concepts to enable the client to witness the benefits.Looking forward, he would like to have a significant presence in the global market and appoint strategic distribution partners in Europe and the US. However, to take this next step, there are three things he requires: funding assistance, better exposure to a larger market and help with getting the correct accounting systems into place to keep the business running effectively.

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