Amayeza Info Services cc


When it comes to pharmaceutical and medicine-related information, you simply cannot afford to get it wrong. Having been a pharmacist for 35 years, Lee Baker clearly understood the need for an independent central information service. The growth in medicines and related information had made it almost impossible for health professionals to keep up to date, so she launched Amayeza Info Services to counter this.Lee says that the service is designed to provide information on medicine and health-related issues to doctors, pharmacists, nurses, healthcare workers and even consumers. This is done via dedicated helplines that offer information on vaccines, medicines - such as medicine safety during pregnancy and dosages – and travel medicine information. The business also writes articles for journals, trains nurses on vaccines and works as consultants on a variety of health issues. She adds that she is really passionate about medicines information and loves learning something new every day and sharing that knowledge.She says that her goal is to ensure the business remains sustainable, as there is a need for a service like this throughout South Africa. Ideally, continues Lee, Amayeza would ultimately be able to extend its services into Africa one day. However, she faces one massive challenge, namely the issue of funding. She says that while her customers are extremely happy with the service, the company often struggles to get people to pay for it. This is because there is a misconception that the business is funded either the government or the Pharmaceutical Society. Marketing is also a challenge, she says, pointing out that the right marketing could, in fact, go a long way towards alleviating some of the funding troubles.

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