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Latitude 26 Project Consulting


There is a lot that impacts on the psychology of the working environment, so it always helps to have someone around who understands how the human science of psychology fits with the realities of the business world. That someone is Kevin Paul Distiller and his company Latitude 26 Project Consulting.Kevin says that Latitude 26 is an industrial psychology consultancy, offering an array of talent management services. This includes psychometric and competency-based assessments to culture and climate surveys, change management initiatives, coaching interventions and outcomes based team-building interventions. He adds that the company’s target market is mainly the larger organisations in both the public and private sector, although it also has quite a strong presence in the world of the medium-sized company in the SA labour market as well. Kevin is extremely passionate about what he does, stating that he believes deeply in the role that industrial psychology can play in society as a whole. At the same time, what sets him apart from the other industrial psychologists out there is the fact that he merges the science of industrial psychology with the basic, daily business realities of his clients. He says that this pragmatic approach allows him to offer a truly flexible service that is still very customer-focused. Discussing what he needs to take the business to the next level, Kevin says that he would really appreciate mentorship from experienced business minds – people who can assist him to develop an annuity model and a stable income stream. This, he states, will ultimately help him to grow the business and dedicate himself to the lofty ideals he has regarding industrial psychology’s role in the business world.

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