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It used to be a given that when you needed information, you let your fingers do the walking. But what if you are an organisation that needs to obtain information from your customers? This is where TMS Research 30x30 comes into the picture, as it has a solution that enables customers to let their fingers do the talking instead. Timothy Matthis says that he developed the first local SMS-based survey system, enabling customers to reply to surveys via their mobile phones, thereby allowing companies to get useful feedback from their clients. He says that 30x30 has developed and implemented an enterprise-scale software suite that allows customers to survey clients in real-time, across various channels. Thanks to an analytics engine, a service recovery system and a text analytics engine, not to mention an amazing team of bright and enthusiastic experts, 30x30 can yield consumer insights that enable its customers to grow their businesses. He says that although the business works primarily with insurers, banks and telecommunications companies, it is in the process of launching a range of SME products that will make its services available to a market that is currently unserviced – and at a rate that is easily affordable and in a manner that is easy to understand. Timothy says that what differentiates 30x30 in the market is the fact that its platform is more evolved and its vision of where the market is going more incisive. This is important, he says, as the industry of Customer Experience Management is maturing. Nonetheless, with first mover advantage in SA, he believes that the company has a robust revenue base and has the potential to deliver a third world survey solution to those places where Internet access remains a challenge.

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