Visual Air Productions (Pty) Ltd


In any business, putting things into perspective is crucial to success. Understanding this, Stephen Verheul launched Visual Air Productions, a company that specialises in aerial photography, filming and surveying, via remote control helicopters. This allows him to provide clients with a genuine bird’s eye view of their project, without the need of a full size helicopter. Stephen says that his services are used for aerial inspections of cooling towers, smoke stacks and mines – generally considered no-fly zones for manned aircraft, as well as .monthly progress of building and geological sites and for survey work. The company also offers a unique perspective for adverts, feature films and music videos, while wildlife are not scared of the helicopters as they are quiet and small, and therefore non-threatening.He says that aerial progress photos of building sites are used for reports and in court cases. Property sales should all have aerial photos so that potential buyers have the entire picture of the property. Since his company supplies a perspective that no other photographic or video service can, it is ideal for this task.He started Visual Air Productions 14 years ago, combining his hobbies of flying remote control helicopters and photography and video into a business. By offering a genuinely specialised service and developing innovative equipment continually, he has built a successful operation.However, Stephen says that he wants to expand the business and hopes to grow by at least another two full teams within the next year. He also wants to undertake more international work, as the equipment is easily transported and is ideal for remote areas. However, to achieve this, he will require financial help, as well as marketing assistance, in order to drive greater awareness of the business and its unique solutions.

On-air Interview