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Rebar Mesh & Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd


Some business owners are constantly striving to build their business – for Louis Aylward, of Rebar, Mesh & Construction Supplies, building is his business. He says that despite having no previous experience in this industry, he spotted a niche in the market and pursued it with gusto. Rebar provides products in the reinforced steel and concrete business, including machines to cut and bend rebar, cover blocks to place rebar and tying tools and pliers to tie the bar together, before the concrete is poured. Louis has been in the business for four years and says that it grew from being an operation run out of his garage at home, which just sold portable cutters and benders for reinforced steel. Now it has grown to the point where it is a serious rival to the only other player in the market. According to him, his success is built on the fact that he can supply a quality alternative to what was previously a monopoly in the market. He says he focuses on service delivery, as this is something all customers seek and is particularly targeting construction and scaffolding companies in Gauteng, as well as to a limited extent elsewhere in SA. Louis lists establishing distributors in the other provinces as one of his key challenges, stating that he is currently prevented from doing this due to a lack of funding and dedicated sales people. He aims to grow his business into one that is well-established and is a respected brand in the industry, but to succeed, he says that he needs assistance in establishing a successful sales and marketing environment and developing a proper strategy to go along with this.

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