Osiris Healthcare


People love to offer the platitude that as long as you have your health, you can be happy, but who can really be happy when the multinationals grip on pharmaceuticals means it costs a fortune to purchase medicine today?Well, Mukesh Patel has formed Osiris Healthcare with the aim of changing all of that. He says that he launched Osiris Healthcare in 2005, with the aim of distributing medical, pharmaceutical and ‘front shop’ goods and supplies to independent pharmacies across Gauteng. He points out that the disintegration of independent pharmacies, medical aids and government regulation has seen the margins of a retailer shrinking. For this reason, he believes that there is a clear need for independent wholesalers to support these independent pharmacies.Mukesh says that his vision is based on the idea of maintaining low costs and low personal expenditure, while also outsourcing other services to smaller businesses. Most importantly, he adds, is the fact that Osiris not only adds to the independent players’ bottom lines via money, but also delivers the efficiency of daily small purchasing.Of course, he has bigger plans than this, with his ultimate goal being to create a symbiotic network for independent pharmacies to support each other. In order to achieve this dream, Mukesh needs assistance with additional finance, as well as help with the marketing and branding side of the business.

On-air Interview