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Spiderman is known to do whatever a spider can, purely because he need never fear falling from a great height, thanks to the sticky webbing he shoots. Of course, miners and construction workers seldom have web-shooters to keep themselves safe from falls, but – thanks to Colin Govender’s company – they can rely on a Spiderwebb. Colin’s company, Spiderwebb Altitude Systems, manufactures a range of fall arrest systems, consisting of a safety harness and lanyard, in a variety of designs and colours to suit any job specific application in the mining and construction industries. In addition, the company also conducts fully accredited height safety training. He adds that innovation is core to the business, with Spiderwebb having been the original inventor of the standing step/trapeze which eliminates orthostatic intolerance. In addition, the company has developed and patented a unique ‘beta’ design harness, as well as one specifically developed for females. The company and its products are recognised both locally and internationally, with Colin recognising that the next step for his business is to obtain an international specification that will enable it to open up huge international markets for potential export. While the business is obviously impacted by industrial action in the sectors it operates in, Colin believes that constant research and development keeps the company ahead of the competition. He believes that Spiderwebb has the potential to be a genuine world leader in the safety arena, provided he can get the right support structure and backing. Ultimately, he says that in the future he wants the company to grow to the point where it has branches throughout Africa and a footprint in the European and US markets.

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