Dynamic Propshafts & c.v.joints


Some businesses are all talk, but for Deon Labuschagne, his business is all about torque. Dynamic Propshafts & CV Joints is a specialist company focused on the repair, balancing, servicing and manufacturing of propshafts and driveshafts. In addition, it also provides customers with a 24-hour breakdown service. The business, he says, services a range of sectors, encompassing the automotive industry – in the form of the spares, servicing gearbox and differential sector, as well as the auto body repair and fleet management arenas. The company also works in the construction industry, logistics sector, steel and engineering industry and the mining and industrial sector. Deon says that the business offers a drive-in service for cars and LDVs, as well as on-highway and off-highway vehicles, heavy duty transport trucks, buses, earth moving machines, dump trucks, graders and front-end loaders. It will also assist with opencast and underground mining vehicles and crushing and screening plants. Since the business is AA-quality assured, Retail Motor Industry (RMI) affiliated and Assist24 assured, its quality, service and value is guaranteed. It is for the above reasons, explains Deon, that the company is the preferred suppliers to the Wesbank, Absa and Standard Bank fleets. He adds that the business is in the process of obtaining its relevant ISO rating, which is awarded on the basis of continuous quality workmanship. Looking ahead, his plans call for the company to expand to the point where it has at least four branches. He wants more branches, he says, because it will allow him to create jobs and provide training for a number of unemployed individuals. Further down the line, he wants to be able to offers some form of diploma or trade papers for this niche sector, as none currently exist.

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