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It’s not unusual for an entrepreneur to have an electrifying idea, but few take this more literally than Winstone Jordaan, MD of GridCars, a company built on the notion that the future of the automobile industry is electric, and that eMobility is the way forward. Having spent the early part of his career working on – of all things – a flying car, Winstone has since applied the knowledge gleaned from that experience to helping solve the challenges posed by a future where vehicles are electrically powered and quite possibly self-driving too. “The future of the automotive industry will be underpinned by IT, and encompasses smart cities, smart roads, smart devices (dashboards) and various levels of autonomous driving or driver assistance. GridCars is working within the eMobility Eco-System and focuses on the back office software required for effective charging of cars, the hardware involved in the actual charging points and the vehicles themselves. These will be small, efficient and designed to be shared by commuters,” he says. GridCars, he explains, is poised to take advantage of the electric vehicle industry in SA, which is brand new and has huge potential. His goal is to establish the company as the main supplier of eMobility services to all companies launching electric vehicles in the country; to supply all manufacturers with locally developed charging systems; and to become established as a vehicle manufacturer, producing electric commuter vehicles and operating them in a pay-per-km vehicle-sharing system. “The shift to electric cars and eMobility is only a matter of time. I know what massive benefits this will offer society, and watching this product evolve on a day-to-day basis is incredibly satisfying. Also, solving the challenges it creates and developing the solutions needed certainly keeps things exciting for us.”

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