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While a bad workman may lay the blame on his tools, a good craftsman nonetheless understands that an effective tool offers value that cannot easily be expressed in words. Prithipal Singh’s company, Asax Agencies, is built around a combined value proposition of delivering quality woodcutting machinery and equipment, coupled with supreme customer service. Having worked in the industry for many years, he says he was inspired to build a company that can deliver customised tooling solutions to not only the wood, but als othe plastics and composite materials processing industries. However, he wanted to do this by placing the focus on operational efficiency, turnaround times and a customer conscious service culture. “Today, the company offers services including distribution of professional woodcutting equipment and machinery and the the supply of machine tooling for the industry, as well as providing sharpening and cutting services and repair and maintenance services.We see ourselves as the ‘ultimate destination’ store for the industry,” says Prithipal. Customers include furniture and furniture component manufacturers, shop-fitters, door and window manufacturers, saw millers kitchen and cupboard manufacturers, the plastic, aluminium and acrylics industry and even professional hobbyists. “The beauty of what we do is that clients can comprehensively shop for their tooling and machinery needs, including sharpening and repair services and sound advice from our woodworking experts. We even have a consultation service that assists new businesses with factory set-ups. Customers love the fact that we meet their every need and deliver solutions in shortest possible turnaround time.” While the thrill of a new challenge motivates him, Prithipal suggests that his next goal is to move into processing other allied materials – such as steel – as diversification can only help his business grow. He also wants to extend his reach in sub-Saharan Africa and begin empowering and training young entrepreneurs in Alexandra to start their own businesses.”

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