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Sometimes, an event makes a business, but it takes a special kind of person to create a business that makes events. Dean Gunningham’s business, Compex, provides the infrastructure required to execute an exhibition perfectly. Having been in the business for 10 years, Dean has plenty of experience, and despite the tough nature of the work, he says he thoroughly enjoys the fact that this remains one industry that still embraces face-to-face engagement, something he finds especially inspiring. “At Compex, we offer complete exhibition infrastructure, enabling our clients to execute events and position their brand in a cost effective manner, thanks to our in-house event management and infrastructure hiring options. What sets us apart is the fact that we are able to provide almost anything that a company – small or large – may need in order to successfully engage with their clients,” he says. This is because Compex has established itself as a general services supplier to the conference industry, continues Dean, and has built a reputation for being able to deliver everything from marquees and furniture to generators and whole exhibition stands. While Compex events are not necessarily flashy, he adds, they are cost effective and they engage effectively with the target audience. Looking ahead, Dean says there is no final destination for the company, because the opportunities are endless. There is growth in the SA market due to the country being seen as a desirable business destination for foreign companies, thanks to its affordability and the activities that can be planned outside of the event itself. Nonetheless, he says that he would be quite happy to land a major event contract – like the Olympic Games – to really allow Compex to demonstrate what it is capable of delivering.

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