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Teenagers may hate anyone they deem as being ‘plastic’, but there are many companies out there that are desperate for the services of a genuine plastic man, and that man is Dave Kalk, owner of SG Plastic Construction. He describes the company as being one that provides custom plastic fabrication, specialist plastic welding services and drafting and design services. Dave says that SG’s major business is in the design, manufacture and installation of air pollution control equipment, industrial ventilation, oil water separators and chemical, sump and air diaphragm pumps. “I launched the business at a time when I was out of work, so I suppose you could say it was an opportunity born out of a crisis. I quickly recognised the fact that plastic is really suitable for use in highly corrosive industrial applications and just as crucially, society is rapidly going green, meaning that air and waste pollution is high on everyone’s agenda. SG Plastic Construction provides solutions to help tackle these pollution problems.” The company offers a complete package to clients, which includes process and mechanical design, guaranteed in-house drafting services, manufacturing, installation and even maintenance contracts. Dave adds that he believes in delivering quality products backed up by structural, chemical and mechanical engineers. In this way, he says, clients know they are getting the right solution to meet their requirements. “Ideally, I would want to increase my market share in the successful sectors, while also strengthening those areas where the company may be underperforming. In the future, I would also want to increase my staff complement, as well as increasing staff quality through additional training. Most importantly, I want to continue tapping the brains of the youngsters in my employ, as they make it easy to remain top of the latest innovations.”

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