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Nicholas Thompson was taught from a young age to look for opportunities and to never be scared to challenge the status quo. That advice has stood in him in good stead since launching Flavour Baron a company that challenges the traditional models for doing business in order to create new opportunities. “We are not doing anything particularly ground-breaking, Flavour Baron simply uses new tools to make our business offer slightly different, thereby creating a competitive advantage. Flavour Baron is the newest venture from Arvan Trading, an established firm dealing in the import, export and distribution of frozen foods, and offers direct distribution of frozen foods to the hospitality and tourism sector in Botswana,” he says. Nicholas adds that Flavour Baron was created to take advantage of the export opportunities presented by a weakening local currency, with the tourism sector chosen because it made for the perfect initial target market. He explains that the company uses lighter delivery vehicles, dispatched from Johannesburg, for flexibility and to ensure superior service delivery. Furthermore, the business makes use of the Internet and direct business-to-business models to ensure effective customer relationship management. “My next goal is for the business to break into the remainder of the SADC region, through affiliations with southern African companies operating in the hospitality industry in these neighbouring states. We also hope to get buy-in from the big multi-national hotel chains. Ultimately, our future plans are for Flavour Baron to be the supplier of choice for all things related to hospitality and catering.”

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