Livestock Wealth


The stock market can prove to be quite confusing for the average investor, what with all its talk of bulls and bears. Frustrated by an inability to fully understand how shares can go up and then suddenly come crashing down, Ntuthuko Shezi realised he was not alone, and that perhaps 75% of South Africans do not understand the stock market well. “Despite this, I knew that the majority would understand cows, because that is what they have known for centuries past. This inspired me to launch Livestock Wealth, a crowdfarming platform that enables anyone to invest in cows, remotely. They are able to earn an annual income from the sale of the offspring,” he says. Ntuthuko says that he loves coming up with ideas that have never been tried before, just as he enjoys working on ideas that can have a social impact. He says that the prospect of millions of African people dying poor and leaving no inheritance to their children is something that galls him, and which he felt he had to do something about. “Our goal is to elevate the cow into an asset with a similar status to gold. We want to create an eBucks-style currency that people can use to trade, buy and access financial services. The value of the currency would be determined by the number of cows one has. I hope to have the company managing some 100 000 cows within the next three years, and a million cows within five years. With that kind of scale, we could have our own abattoir facility, which would improve the returns to between 12% and 20% per annum.”

On-air Interview