Ensight Energy Solutions


Being an entrepreneur often requires boundless energy, so clearly Rod Welford is in the right game, since he is not only an entrepreneur, but his business is all about energy. Ensight Energy Solutions aims to address an urgent and growing need: to reduce global greenhouse emissions and provide businesses with the tools for improved efficiency and competitiveness, especially in challenging economic times. “In a climate of rising costs and declining global demand for commodities, energy intensive industries are being confronted by a 'perfect storm' of cost pressures. Ensight can assist these energy intensive industries - like mining or steel production – to transform the way they use energy and prove that it is possible to minimise carbon emissions at a profit.” Rod explains that his flagship service is a unique Energy Leadership Programme which is designed to guide these complex industrial businesses to deep energy cost savings and to transform their business culture to one which promotes energy and resource productivity. “Ensight is an innovative business that is transforming the way some of the world’s largest and most complex business operations use energy, helping them to save costs and achieve exceptional business efficiencies. From this platform, our plan is to be a global force in carbon and energy cost reduction, while also delivering improved business efficiencies and performance. Ultimately, I want us to be seen as the ‘go to’ change agent for business-wide transformation in the use of energy, water and materials,” he concludes.

On-air Interview