Qhakaza Africa Consulting


Every good architect knows that a successful project is built on a strong foundation, which is why Mandisa Daki believes her company, Qhakaza Africa Consulting, will remain a solid edifice for years to come. She says that when she first worked for an architectural firm, she was approached all the time for certain services, and quickly realised that there were not many service providers to cater for these people. “In today’s industry, many people need access to architectural services and seek advice about building and planning, so we provide architectural and project management services, and deliver construction management and property development solutions to clients throughout South Africa. We are involved in projects as diverse as residences, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions and places of worship, offering everything from site analysis and design development to tender and construction management,” she says. Mandisa explains that she has great experience, having worked for several architectural firms since graduating and believes this exposure to the industry has inspired her to maximise the potential of this industry. She adds that with architecture, the world that opens up when you practice it offers constant challenges and opportunities. “I would love to educate people about architecture, which would in turn open up access to new markets. In the future, I hope to proceed with a growth strategy based around property development, where Qhakaza would purchase land and develop it. I also aim for it to be internationally recognised – I want Qhakaza Africa Consulting to be seen as the flagship company that represents both South Africa and the continent on the world stage.”

On-air Interview