A&A Containers


Sometimes, an entrepreneur will have an idea that is just too big to be contained, and other times, it turns out that the container is the idea! Andrew Spenceley says that he founded A&A Containers after realising that there was a crying need for a one-stop container shop that could provide services for the many unique opportunities that arise in this creative and dynamic Industry. “This is a market that is growing rapidly, and I quickly understood that for someone with a bit of imagination, there are amazing ideas that can be implemented around sophisticated container conversions. There are, after all, a wide range of industries that require some form of container or conversion, not only in South Africa, but across the whole of the continent,” he says. Andrew explains that the company is involved in container sales, conversions, leasing and transport, as well as flat packs, and prefabricated buildings. A&A Containers also provides instant accommodation solutions and even total turnkey projects for customers with a wide variety of requirements. For example, the company has been involved in projects as diverse as containerised clinics to animal capture containers, not to mention container hotels and laboratories, and even health, hair and beauty containers. “I simply love being involved in such an innovative industry, which enables me to feel as if I am part of the solution for South Africa. The next step for me is to expand the company’s rental fleet and to grow its conversion business, in order to be able to provide services more effectively across Africa as a whole.”

On-air Interview