African Thread Tape


Having grown up with parents who ran their own businesses, Colwyn Savings always knew that he just needed to ‘stick’ to his guns and he would ultimately have the entrepreneurial gig ‘taped’. The owner of African Thread Tape, Colwyn says his dream has always been to grow a business into a sustainable, profitable enterprise. “I got my start when an ex-colleague of mine, who was importing heavy duty polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) at the time and he decided to close the business. I offered to take it over on a part time basis and started importing tape; when I couldn’t find a local manufacturer of the heavy duty tape I was supplying, I decided to set up my own production facility instead,” he says. Thread seal tape has, for a long time, been necessary in several processes, from industrial and irrigation to household plumbing. Colwyn says that his company manufactures to client requirements, and supplies its own brand of tape to the plumbing, agricultural and residential irrigation, industrial equipment, petrochemical, and gas equipment sectors, as well as delivering it to farming co-ops. “We are the only oxygen-safe PTFE tape manufacturer in SA that produces high density, heavy duty thread seal tape, so we obviously lead our local market. Nonetheless, I want to develop new markets and introduce new products. Ultimately, I would like the company to begin exporting into Africa, with the objective of growing the business to the point where it will be an attractive purchase for a large manufacturer.”

On-air Interview