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Infanta Foods


Most small business owners would tell you that a family-owned company is the one that takes the cake – unless it happens to be Marisa da Silva, of Infanta Foods, who points out that her family-owned business gives the cake to others. Started by her father, Infanta Foods was a business that took him back to his roots and childhood, and Marisa says that she grew up in the business. “We provide complete bakery solutions for customers, providing everything from ingredients to equipment to training. Our customers tend to be manufacturers and distributors of ingredients and equipment for baking confectionery, milling and biscuit industries,” she says. Infanta provides continuity through pre-mixes, which also saves time in bakeries by providing pre-measured smaller ingredients and delivers a consistent final product that tastes as if it was made at home. Marisa adds that Infanta provides mixes for everything from specialised German health breads to everyday bread mixes, and for clients that include start-up entrepreneurs and home industries, all the way through to retail stores and central bakeries. “As the second generation running the business, I want us to continue to be seen as trendsetters, thanks to constant innovation and great service within this industry. Ultimately, I want to see this family-run business grow into a family empire. I believe we can achieve this through organic and strategic growth, which will allow us to maintain our flexibility and our personal touch.”

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