Wings n Things


A famous slogan once proposed that ‘if you don’t have wings, you’ll never fly’, so when Wendy Thatcher obtained her private pilot licence, she immediately turned her thoughts to working in the aviation industry. Having travelled to the US to visit the country’s largest airshow, she came across a very large and successful pilot shop with an impressive website, and with the desire to replicate such a model in SA, Wings n Things was born. “We are a supplier of the study material, equipment and accessories necessary for all pilots. Wings n Things serves as an authorised dealer/reseller of some of the world’s best aviation brands, including critical navigational data products which are essential requirements for most pilots and/or aircraft, which we supply with friendly and efficient service. Our clientele includes student and professional pilots, charter and corporate clients and aircraft owners,” says Wendy. Having previously worked in the corporate world as a divisional director at Medscheme’s customer services, she claims that she gained a good grounding in managing staff, dealing with the public and the importance of computer systems, controls and procedures. “I obtained my pilot’s licence in 1992 and then flew in various competitions. This gave me the foundation for understanding both the products I sell and the needs of my customers.” Wendy adds that there are constantly newcomers into the aviation space, either due to people who start flying or new businesses that are created in the aviation industry, so her potential for growth is huge. “My ambition is for Wings n Things to stay on top of new technologies and products entering the market and also to become known by all new entrants in the industry. In this way, I can work on growing sales and profits by an average of 10 - 15% per year.”

On-air Interview