115 Electrical


It is no real shock to learn that Anthony Mpati is a bright spark, someone who is plugged into current trends well enough to quickly realise he could capitalise on Eskom’s power crisis. Anthony, who had previously worked as an engineering manager at Sasol Technology, says that soon after the country started experiencing energy shortages in 2008, he realised that the energy problem was going to be around for at least another 20 years. “It was inevitable that there would be many projects being initiated to address the need arising from these shortages, so I left and launched 115 Electrical Solutions, in order to take advantage of the situation,” he says. Explaining that the company operates as an electrical engineering, consulting and construction company, Anthony says it provides a turnkey project execution approach for a wide range of clients, including parastatals, mining companies, property developers and manufacturing companies. “I am an entrepreneur by birth, who relishes the unpredictable nature of being a business owner. The victories and the challenges are all part of being a business owner and I take them in my stride. 115 Electrical is a services-based company, but it relies on skilled, technical and highly competent personnel for its success. Building on this success is my next goal, and I hope to soon open up fully functional national satellite branches, with all the necessary plant and equipment and be seen as the multidisciplinary engineering services provider of choice,” he concludes.

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