Atomic Oil


If you thought it was only on TV shows like CSI where lab tests could be performed and the results returned almost immediately, Sean Cooley’s company Atomic Oil is there to prove you wrong! While the tests his company performs are focused on oil analysis, which seems less glamorous than the Hollywood version, Sean says Atomic Oil succeeds by overcoming the delay and frustrations experienced in using offsite laboratories and having to wait to get reports back first hand. “Atomic Oil supplies and distributes on-site, condition-based monitoring oil analysis equipment and provides remote asset management solutions to clients in the manufacturing, mining and power generation industries. When one considers the remoteness of sites in many cases in Africa, the need for on-site oil analysis is huge. We set up a lab on-site to get results in minutes, rather than days, while also achieving real maintenance-based savings,” he says. Sean feels that the fact that current laboratory testing equipment is no longer as technical as in the past makes his on-site offerings effective. He suggests that most companies use his service for the cost savings it offers, as Atomic Oil can offer clients a lower cost per sample than off-site labs. “Furthermore, pressure on the sites to become better at predicting failures, extending oil life and lowering overall maintenance costs has enabled us to achieve triple digit growth over the last two years.” He plans to maintain the company’s current growth trend and grow its annuity revenue through the addition of consumables and software. Sean also wants to explore the rental market. He believes that it is getting harder for clients to motivate for the capital expenditure required for his products. However, using a rental model will enable customers to motivate for operational expenditure on a per sample basis instead.

On-air Interview