Some people contemplating launching their own business find themselves in a state of flux. Phineas Letsoalo, on the other hand, decided to turn flux into a business model, when launching Purechem. He says after working for 19 years in the same industry, he not only understood the requirements in depth, but is able to utilise the knowledge gained from this to add significant value to his clients’ businesses. Phineas points out that while employed, he dreamed of delivering something unique and optimum for his fusion process, but all the fluxes in the market were general and not specific enough. This inspired him to design his own flux. “Purechem manufactures fire assay flux for the mining and exploration laboratories. Our fluxes are tailor made to suit client-specific requirements and are lead-based and nickel sulphide fluxes designed by our company. We also supply fusion fluxes for the automated systems industry and focus on three key issues: quality, delivery and costs, all of which are major considerations for customers,” states Phineas. The flux market in South Africa is well established, he adds, pointing out that what sets Purechem apart from the rest is that where traditional flux requires re-fusion of up to three times to achieve complete fusion, Purechem flux eliminates the need for re-fusion, thereby saving time and costs. “Where would I like to be in the future? Firstly, I want Purechem to build a good reputation as the preferred supplier of premier flux products in South Africa. Once I feel we are well enough established locally, I would like us to begin exporting products, first into the rest of Africa and later globally.”

On-air Interview