When faced with adversity, some people sink into despair. Others see it as the necessary kick in the backside they need to persevere with their dreams. Mike Keeley is one of the latter, having taken the chance of opening his own business after the company he worked for went in liquidation. “Composite Dimensions is a fibre glass manufacturing company that specialises in engineered and production fibre glass composites. We provide the correct fibre glass process to suit the customers’ needs, engineered correctly and to meet their volume requirements. We also have a reputation for keeping our promises, and for supplying a product that is price and quality competitive,” Mike says. He points out that the requirement for well made, well-engineered components is a major driver in the industry, and he has recognised this, deciding to move the business to the next level. Mike indicates he is already busy increasing staff compliment and he is also planning the company’s productions spaces to accommodate the growth. “I love what I do and obviously want the company to continue to grow, but as far as the future goes, my view is simple: I want the company to continue to be a success and to grow into a business that will be long lasting. In that way it will provide not only for me, but for all the employees that helped to build it, as well as their families.”

On-air Interview