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If you thought the little yellow guy in the eighties video game Pacman demonstrated determination in his attempts to eat all the little electronic dots, you need to meet Costas Panagides. He is even more single-minded in his desire to work in the manufacturing industry. His company, PackMan, is the result of his dream of owning his own business in this field, and thus being in control of his own destiny. “PackMan manufactures sachets of various kinds - including sauces, condiments, coffee, sugar, tea, cutlery packs and custom beverage packs - using the form-fill-n-seal process. We tend to focus is on the small portion sachets, as well as flow wraps and dry beverage packs,” he says. Costas adds that as far as he is concerned, the key to success lies in PackMan continuously striving to provide service and quality products at competitive prices to the airline, hotel, catering, fast food, healthcare, restaurant, mining, industrial, wholesale and hospitality industries. As part of the package, he continues, customers enjoy branded, customised and logoed products that are produced in a fully equipped packaging facility. “Moving forward, I aim to maintain and expand my current manufacturing facility, as well as my sales force. Acquiring more sophisticated machinery for the factory will then assist in expanding our product range, with the ultimate goal of owning warehousing facilities. Furthermore, developing a more effective and efficient distribution chain will enable PackMan to begin servicing countries through the rest of Africa, which offers massive potential for growth.”

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