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Mega Bags


If employees answer any of Gerrie van Zyl’s queries with the phrase ‘three bags full, sir’, they are not being facetious, they are giving him good news. This is because Gerrie’s company, Mega Bags, manufactures bulk bags - known as flexible intermediate bulk containers, or FIBCs - to the mining, chemical and food industries as a packaging product. These bags have a capacity to load between 250 kg and 2 000 kg per bag. “The business is a family-owned one that was started by my father back in 1987. He was using bags like these at the chrome mine he worked at in Rustenburg, and saw a gap in the market. Today, Mega Bags supplies customers in those industries that export mining, chemical and food products globally or sell them locally. We offer a wide variety of custom made package solutions to suite every need,” adds Gerrie. He says he wants to see his company competing against the major manufacturing companies in other developing countries, like China and India, as this will enable him to create more jobs in SA and thereby boost the whole economy.” I love what I do and I believe that together, we can work to make SA a better place,” he says. “Our biggest assets are honesty, quality and service, although the current exchange rate is beneficial to us too, especially in terms of exporting our products. Africa is definitely a target for the future, as it is clearly a growing continent. If we can expand our sales to the rest of Africa, I will be able to set up remote manufacturing plants across the continent, which will help us to compete with the other developing markets.”

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