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For all those businesses seeking an alternative to SMS communication, Andrew Cook plans to Notafy them of a new development in the market. He says he was inspired by the shift in the consumer market, whereby users began migrating their personal mobile communication away from SMS, choosing instead to use social instant messaging services like Whatsapp. He quickly realised there was no equivalent for businesses, and thus his company, Notafy, was born. “Notafy is a single inbox mobile app that allows brands to send notifications via instant messaging technology instead of SMS. The Notafy platform allows these brands to avoid the attendant costly SMS charges, while also letting consumers manage how and when they receive these notifications from the brands they approve.” Andrew explains that his customers are generally those large companies that send out high volumes of transactional application-to-person SMS messages – such as those received when you swipe your credit card. He adds that SMS messages cost these companies millions each year, and that Notafy can provide up to 80% savings on these communication bills, while also improving the security and customer experience of these mobile messages. “Message security and cost are huge risks for international organisations today, and Notafy has the platform to scale globally and solve both of these issues. We are looking at nothing less than revolutionising the application-to-person mobile messaging industry around the world. It needs disruption and we are the company that is going to disrupt it. This will be achieved via three goals: We are looking to process in excess of 300 million messages with over 3 million app subscribers per month; we want to solidify our presence in South East Asia; and we plan to grow into the European market as well,” he concludes.

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