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Sometimes, the best thing an entrepreneur can be is to simply ‘be real’ – and in the case of Kyle Parker and Page Mark Africa, he will ensure no faking occurs. This is because he founded Page Mark Africa to fight what he says is the fastest growing industry in the world, namely fakes, counterfeits and illicit trade. “I want to assist law enforcement services, such as traffic police, in fighting fake number plates and licence forgeries, and to help big brands protect their image and increase brand loyalty by identifying genuine products from the counterfeits. Page Mark Africa focuses on marking products for uniqueness, as a way of beating the frauds,” says Kyle. He indicates that in Africa, anywhere between 10% and 30% of all goods are fake, counterfeit or illicitly traded. Brand owners therefore need to be able to protect their products and consumers and law enforcement officials need the right tools to fight this. Page Mark Africa has a solution to authenticate goods by the consumer scanning a code, thus checking if it is safe to use. In other words, he says, fakes and stolen goods can be found with a simple scan. “I have a huge passion for fighting the fakes and counterfeits in the market, especially fake pharmaceuticals which can kill people. I also aim to fix the challenges around fake qualifications which impact on government. Once I have helped solve SA’s problems in this regard, I plan to expand into Africa in a huge way. The only way to beat these criminals, after all, is to fight this at a continental level. Ideally I want to open offices in Nigeria and Kenya, followed by offices in each country, with local solutions from a local supplier. This will create jobs and build local businesses,” suggests Kyle.

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