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Everyone knows that curiosity killed the cat, but at the same time, it apparently launched the business careers of Ntando Kubheka and Tumi Marope. Ntando explains that Locomute is a simple product of curiosity; a business that began as an MBA project, while the two were studying at the NMMU Business School. They were curious to see if it would work in the real world, and decided to pool their resources and launch the business. “We are Africa's first car sharing network. Through technology on mobile phones, we enable members access to a growing number of cars around South African cities, on a 24/7 basis. Locomute takes care of fuel, insurance, parking and eTolls. Our target market is professionals in the LSM 7-10 space, who are conscious of technological innovations and prefer access and convenience over ownership. Locomute is also ideal for service entrepreneurs and small businesses whose balance sheets and risk appetites do not allow them to purchase vehicles at this stage,” he says. Driven by a growing global desire for sustainable urban mobility, Locomute has a clear opportunity to capitalise on this, as it offers customer experience, supported by technology and extremely competitive pricing. Ntando adds that the company provides mobility-on-demand - something which reduces cost of living, cost of doing business and cost of housing. “We are hoping to grow our fleet to over 3 000 vehicles within the next three years. Already, our growth has been phenomenal, as we launched in June with six vehicles and we already have 190. Our next goal is to introduce peer-to-peer car sharing on our platform and take the solution into university cities. Following that, the next aim is to take Locomute international, with two additional countries already identified,” he concludes.

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