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Lao Tzu once said it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness, but Malakia Madzhie, Mashau Salphina Electrical decided it is even better to just make sure the electricity works properly! Having worked for Eskom as a project engineer and had the opportunity to attend business courses as well, he quickly identified a gap in the consulting and construction space, due to backlogs Eskom was experiencing with regard to certain projects. “I launched Mashau Salphina Electrical to provide low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical consulting, construction and contracting services to my clients, including both Eskom and a number of municipalities. This entails detailed design and project management for new electrical overhead lines, cables and substations, as well as construction and maintenance of these electric networks,” he says. His company focuses on assisting with the implementation of new projects, as well as with the maintenance of networks. He is one of the few excited about the current electricity challenges, as he says this means that this sector will be in a rising phase for many years to come, which offers plenty opportunity for growth. “I have big plans to grow the business, based on the need for services such as ours. The first level of growth will be to be able to service and have footprints in each and every one of South Africa's nine provinces. Once I have achieved this, the next goal is to seek to move into the transmission and distribution space in other parts of Africa,” concludes Malakia.

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