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Mr Sandless,


When John Travolta soulfully sang about Sandy in the 1977 film ‘Grease’, he was talking about his exchange student girlfriend, but he could just as easily have been lamenting the main trouble with renovating wooden floors. After all, the one thing you can bank on when re-doing a floor is that everything in the near vicinity will be sandy by the time you are done. Richard Bentley says that his business, Mr Sandless, is a new concept in floor renovation that is quick, less disruptive than sanding and – particularly in commercial spaces – the work can be completed overnight. Moreover, he adds, it is so effective that a restaurant would be able to reopen in the morning for breakfast, with no cleaning needed. He says that Mr Sandless has been globally active for 15 years, but the concept was brought to SA by himself, and has been operational here for the past two years. Richard says his business has disrupted the traditional wood floor sanding market, as the service it provides is a no dust, non-toxic, no smell and extremely quick service. Clients, he adds, love it as the alternative is the more traditional smelly, intrusive floor sanding, which invariably leaves everything coated in fine dust. The company also reseals laminate floors, stone, tiles or cement as well as vinyl floors, he says, and the product cures so fast that you can walk on it just 30 minutes later. He also offers a five-year guarantee for its finish, which is something no other floor re-sealer provides. His next plan is to significantly grow the brand and expand its footprint through a franchise model – he hopes to have at least 20 franchises successfully operating in southern Africa in the next three years.

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