Green Outdoor Gyms


Getting fit can be a walk in the park. Tim Hogins has taken the idea that the great outdoors inspires people to be healthy and fit to a whole new level. His company, Green Outdoor Gyms, caters to those many communities whose residents cannot afford exorbitant gym fees “When I realised just how many people could not afford access to the various gym chains, I recognised a huge potential market for outdoor gyms. Launched in 2008, Green Outdoor Gyms is Africa’s leading outdoor gym supplier. We manufacture, supply & build outdoor gym equipment, as well as outdoor parks, across Africa.” Tim says that his aim is to ensure that every community has an outdoor gym in their park, thereby providing all citizens with a facility they can not only be proud of, but also utilise to improve their health and fitness. “The health and fitness sector is one of the fastest growing industries and we want every community to have access to this. Although our customers are ultimately municipalities, in truth, we serve the communities. It is our goal to make sure that every community in Africa, no matter their wealth, has access to one of our outdoor gyms.”

On-air Interview