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Design it, then print it. Whether it’s a product, a prototype or a part, if you can envision it, CAD House has the skills and equipment to print it out in three dimensions. Gone are the days when ‘going to print’ meant publishing something on paper. Today, it is possible to design a prototype and print it in three dimensions – at least if you make use of the services offered by CAD House. Launched by Bernhard Vogt some seven years ago, when he recognised the necessity to offer product prototyping and 3D printing together with 3D CAD design services, while running his own small design consultancy, CAD House became one of the pioneers in 3D printing and remains at the top of the game in this respect. “Our customers range from consumers and hobbyists to enthusiasts, professionals and industrial businesses and even government organisations. We provide solutions that assist businesses in developing products more rapidly and getting them to market sooner. This is because we are SA’s leading supplier of 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D design products and services,” he says. Bernhard believes the 3D boom will truly hit SA in the next few years and thus pushes his business to remain at the forefront of this technology, constantly stretching the boundaries of what can be done using 3D printing technologies. “My goal is to establish the first industrial 3D printing factory of the future, with mass custom manufacturing of products for the consumer and heavy industry alike – and we have a plan to get there, one machine at a time.”

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