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Making critical business decisions is never easy, particularly when you have to work your way through reams of boring data and spread sheets. But what if this complex business information was instead presented in the form of simple visuals, directly to a mobile device? Wouldn’t that make for a truly simple way to make such crucial resolutions? This is exactly the thought process that Wayne Howcroft went through when he combined his passion for design and technology with the inherent benefits of the Web, and created something remarkable in the form of his business, Afridesign. Wayne says that with the ever-increasing speed and capacity of the Web, he saw the opportunity to combine real-time data with real-time visuals. To this end, Afridesign utilises the speed, convenience and accessibility of the Internet to deliver a secure, competitively priced, top quality visual business performance monitoring, tracking and reporting solution. He says that in modern business, it is essential for companies to have access to important data related to the organisation, and this data in increasingly being accessed on the go. This means that more and more customers are demanding that their key business data is delivered succinctly and in real-time to where ever they are. Afridesign, says Wayne, is able to combine multiple data sets and processes within a single framework. Moreover, the company removes the complexity of these data sets and processes through simple visuals, thereby delivering only the essential business information that allows customers to make important decisions anywhere and anytime. And since the company is both small – and thus able to adapt more quickly than its bigger rivals – and innovative, he believes Afridesign is ideally placed to make its mark in its chosen field.

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