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J2 Software


Security that is more than physical. J2 Software delivers tailor-made cyber-security solutions for businesses of all sizes, to handle the rapidly evolving threats of ransomware and malware. While burglar bars may secure your windows, and a Trellidor protects your front entrance, how do you go about protecting all your electronic data? John McLoughlin founded J2 Software with just such an answer in mind, building a company that reduces risk, improves security and eliminates cyber threats. “Cyber challenges are evolving every day, with changing threats such as Ransomware, insider threats and malware growing all the time. Of course, this also presents a huge opportunity to a company like J2, which can provide security services and solutions from a team of experts for less money than employing a single cyber security resource. We also have options which are viable for businesses of every size,” he says. These options are what sets J2 apart, as it does not believe in delivering a one-size-fits-all solution. Since every customer is different, with different issues and different information security maturity levels, solutions need to be different and tailored to individual businesses. “We definitely would like to develop the capacity to reach a larger audience, since people cannot buy what they cannot find. At the same time, we are looking for the right BEE partner to involve in our business to propel us to the next level. Nonetheless, we are expanding already, with offices in every major city in SA, as well as extensive reach on the rest of the continent, including southern Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, with West Africa next on our list,” he adds.

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