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Great content that needs no sugar-coating. Content Candy helps businesses to tell their brand story via a range of mediums, in the sweetest manner possible. Ask Brendah Nyakudya-Dandala about her business and she lights up like a kid in a candy store, which is not too surprising, considering her company is Content Candy. She founded the business three years ago after noticing a trend that brands were building their own newsrooms and telling their own stories. “I thought to myself that there would be no-one better to tell these stories than actual journalists, so we formed Content Candy, which now has a broad range of clients – from large corporates to those small businesses that simply don't have the time to produce articles, blog posts, ebooks, online offers, mailers and stay on top of social media,” she says. For Brenda, it is all about telling the client’s brand story and helping them to connect with customers. What sets the company apart is the fact that it employs what she refers to as ‘an all-star, all-female team of journalists, copywriters, editors, designers and marketers’. Inspired by Sir Richard Branson, the company also utilises a flexi-hours model that boosts work-life balance, keeping the team inspired and refreshed. “While smart technology is making it easier for brands to automate their marketing, robots aren't good at telling stories, which is good for us. Our goal is to be the largest female-owned and run content agency in South Africa, doubling our turnover every two to three years and consistently achieving a profit margin of at least 20%, which we would then invest a percentage of in bursaries for women of colour in the male-dominated advertising industry. In this way we could help them to hone their journalistic capabilities and getting up to date with the various skills required to play in the digital space.”

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