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Eltherm South Africa


A business simmering at the right temperature. Eltherm SA takes the less than well-known concept of ‘heat tracing’ and uses it to improve client products, increase their energy efficiency and minimise break-downs on their production lines. If you can’t stand the heat, you probably shouldn’t attempt the same work as Zweli Dladla and his company Eltherm SA, which was built on the opportunity that he and his partners recognised for bringing heat tracing to SA. What is heat tracing, you ask? It’s a technology that enables manufacturers of products like bitumen and chemicals and in industries like food processing, to maintain heat during the production process. “We work with the food and beverage, manufacturing and petrochemical sectors, to help them ensure they are able to maintain the viscosity of their products, increase energy efficiency and minimise break-downs on their production lines. This is due to our extensive experience in electrical heat tracing systems, based on the latest standards of technology and German engineering,” states Zweli. He says that his goal is for Eltherm to be recognised as one of the market leaders in heat tracing, with an extensive knowledge base around the subject. To do this, she adds, Eltherm needs to educate the market about heat tracing and its benefits, and show how the company can customise solutions that will help improve production processes in their business. “I am not shy to say our aim is to get to R100m turnover by 2019, after which, the challenge will be to keep the company at this level. Achieving this will require two other things which are high on our agenda – developing strategic partnerships to aid our own solid organic growth, and establishing new business units elsewhere in Africa.”

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