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The clothing makes the man. Isiyalu Manufacturing is a clothing cooperative that produces clothing for a range of industries – but it is built around enabling many struggling families to become self-sustaining. Giving someone the shirt off your back is a wonderful sentiment, but far better is William Dhlongolo’s idea, which is a company that puts shirts – and other clothing – on people instead. His company – Isiyalu Manufacturing and Retailing Primary Cooperative – produces customised clothing across a range of categories, including corporate uniforms, protective clothing, sportswear, and specialised gym cycling, aerobics, gymnastics and swimwear. “In my family we experienced numerous tribulations and hardships growing up, and this inspired me to not only build a business that could work for me, but one that could also help and empower my family to be self-sustaining, as well as, hopefully, inspire others,” explains William. He says that the company not only enables its clients to perform their work more effectively due to the protective clothing the company provides, but it also ensures that the clients’ image is enhanced through its specialised branding services. “Our business has a four-year plan that definitely requires additional capital investment, to increase our manufacturing, marketing and retailing departments. If we achieve this, we will also create an additional 15 permanent jobs. This is the future plan, but for now, the simple fact that I have a positive impact on 45 other families keeps me going and inspires me to greater heights.”

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