Supply Chain Partner


Turning procurement on its head. Supply Chain Partner is dedicated to assisting clients to not only achieve compliance, but also to realise sustainable, value generating procurement solutions. Who would’ve thought that the concept of supply chain could be so exciting? At least, it is when one considers Chimae Goncalves’ noble goal with her company Supply Chain Partner – nothing less than to make SA a better place by reducing fraud and corruption. Chimae explains that when she was head of a procurement department for a mining company, she quickly realised there was a gap in the market for procurement consultants who could bring out the best in other procurement departments. “Fraud, corruption and compliance management is a huge problem in South Africa at the moment. Our goal is to train and develop people in the procurement industry to be professional, respectable and innovative, in order to help move our country away from the taint of corruption and fraud,” she says. Many procurement organisations have been dealt a bad hand: their procurement function is not valued, their capabilities are not strong enough, leadership skills are poor, processes are manual and there is no visibility or innovation. “Our goal is to enable our clients to realise sustainable, value generating procurement solutions. The solutions we implement save money, generate revenue, ensure compliance and improve performance and efficiency. You could say we bring order from chaos.” Chimae adds that the business offers more than just technology – it has approachable, value-focused consultants who genuinely make a difference. However, she points out that Supply Chain Partner needs to establish its brand beyond just word of mouth. She wants it to be known as the expert in procurement and for the company to aspire to become the voice of the industry.

On-air Interview