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Giving the customer an unforgettable experience. Agilitude focuses on assisting companies to build better customer experiences through its customer engagement platform that helps manage positive client relations. They say that while customers may forget what you said, they'll never forget how you made them feel. It is with this concept in mind that Quinton Pienaar founded Agilitude, a company that designs customer experiences to assist companies in getting closer to their end-customers. “We do this by using design and lateral thinking to solve problems and we implement the world’s leading customer engagement platform to help our clients manage the activity they have when engaging with their customers. In addition, we help them to digitise their business, thereby enabling them to be mobile and make immediate decisions in front of customers, rather than having to wait until they are back in the office.” Quinton says that he simply loves what he does – he enjoys meeting new people and discussing their business and challenges, and trying to find ways to solve those challenges. “To this end, our focus is on what we believe is the leading technology in this space and on offering an end-to-end service that includes digital marketing, customer relationship management and platform development.” Asked about the future, he says that he would like to invest in additional capabilities within Agilitude’s design and digital marketing unit. He would also like to introduce additional technology platforms to reduce the single vendor risk and consider an investment in the data science area of the business. Ultimately, he wants the company to be able to offer a full range of solutions – including marketing, sales, service and all 'front-office' activities – and achieve this while maintaining good communication, agility and a focus on the customer experience.

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