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Makwande Auctioneers


A business that’s going once, going twice…. Makwande Auctioneers is a young, black, female-owned business that specialises in disposing – via auction - of macho products like redundant manufacturing equipment and scrap metal. Everyone knows the unique sound of an auctioneer calling a sale. However, few people expect to hear a woman’s voice calling the sale of items like redundant manufacturing equipment and manufacturing by-products like scrap ferrous and non-ferrous components. However, this is exactly what happens when Makwande Auctioneers are involved. Nobantu Mtimde says that having been briefly employed at an auctioneering firm, she was immediately interested in the bid calling and knew she had to do it – particularly as she didn’t know of any other black female bid callers or auctioneers. “This was therefore the space that I chose to fill. Our company deals with the disposal of redundant and obsolete assets and salvage through a range of interactive platforms between the buyer and seller. These include daily sales, timed online auction and internal tenders.” She explains that by creating an integrated approach that incorporates the disposal of redundant manufacturing assets, as well as the associated industrial by-products, the company has found great success. However. Makwande’s major goals include increasing its customer base through an aggressive sales and marketing strategy. She adds that the company also want to expand into the steel manufacturing, auto manufacturing, ICT and maritime arenas. “Makwande Auctioneers is unique in that it is a young, black, female-owned business that provides asset disposal and reclamation services through a range of sales or exit channels. We have cut our teeth with a few big clients and we are now ripe and ready to replicate the systems we have already built to service many more clients

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