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The virtual reality estate market. A leader in the real estate market, Fieldspace Property is reaching new heights, thanks to its ground-breaking virtual reality tool that makes it a leader in innovation. When it comes to real estate, Fieldspace Property Group has a real exciting solution to giving clients an understanding of just what their rental property will look like once they have moved in. Founded by Scott Field, Fieldspace is a property group that focuses primarily on A and B grade commercial, industrial and retail properties in Gauteng, with some representation in Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. “We carefully match people with our properties, and since we are well aware that it is always difficult for a business owner viewing potential premises as an empty shell to imagine how it will meet their business's unique requirements, we have come up with a technological answer. We recently launched a tool that makes use of the latest in virtual reality to give prospective tenants a view of a fully refurbished space,” says Scott. He explains that the company has a great mix of experience and innovation, and is using VR technology in a way that it's never been used in the commercial property industry in South Africa before. He adds that Fieldspace has since received unbelievable feedback on the tool and it has taken the business to a whole new level. “As a property business the main thing that limits our growth is the cost of capital and financing - the cheaper we can access it, the faster we can grow our portfolio. My goal is to grow our portfolio from R2 billion to R5 billion over the next few years, while also increasing the industrial space in our portfolio. In addition, I want to continue developing our technology options, so that we can solidify our position as a leader of innovation in our industry.”

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