Jamsco Automotive Assemblies


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Jamsco Automotive Assemblies


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Jamsco Automotive Assemblies proves that local is lekker by providing stamped and assembled car components for major vehicle manufacturers, both locally and internationally. Car parts are something most people only think of when their mechanic gives them their bill, but for Hayley Eagle and Jamsco Automotive Assemblies, car parts are the keys to their success. A supplier of stamped components both locally and internationally, Jamsco also assembles the stabiliser bar, struts, rear axle and corner hub on two well-known vehicles. “Our customers are multinational companies that would not normally deal with a small entrepreneur like Jamsco, because it creates a risk in their supply chain. This demonstrates our quality, as our tenacity, diligence and conformance to automotive sector processes has led to us breaking down this barrier. In addition, we provide trained, cross-skilled and reliable resources that are willing to go the extra mile,” she says. The next step for the company, Hayley explains, is to grow both its assembly business and its component stamping operation. She adds that Jamsco is also diversifying by acquiring a 200 ton press to produce non-automotive stamped components. The company is also looking to buy a five-stage progression tool to produce mop sockets and broom spoon connectors. “Ultimately, we are seeking funding that will enable us to open our own production plant, as both our current projects are operated from the customers’ premises. Achieving this would enable us to employ additional people too, which sits at the heart of my belief that I have an obligation to help build sustainable employment in South Africa.”

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