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Intelligence for Africa! Success in a new market is built on effective information about the region you are investing in. Africa House is a research firm that delivers intelligence on the sub-Saharan African region. Africa is not for sissies, which is why any company looking to extend its business into the continent needs solid and effective market intelligence. Africa House – which represents a merger between Whitehouse & Associates and Africa Project Access - provides intelligence on projects and bespoke research on expansion opportunities in growing markets within the entire sub-Saharan African region. Liz Whitehouse explains that Africa House came about after she was retrenched and decided to launch her own research business built around her passion for Africa. “We are a trusted and reliable source of information and intelligence on African markets, assisting companies to develop and grow their business across the continent. We also work for Foreign Trade Promotion Agencies, Chambers and Export Councils, providing them with the information they need to assist their clients to develop African markets, or to develop markets on behalf of their clients.” She adds that the company differentiates itself by being extremely practical in its approach. In other words, it is a business that has people constantly travelling and collecting intelligence and insights, in order to provide clients with a unique understanding of how to do business in Africa. “Ultimately, my goal is for Africa House to be the preferred supplier for companies looking to develop their business in Africa. In order to become a leader in changing the way that South African businesses engage with the continent, I would need assistance in getting my data systems right, as well as funding to help with product development for our new project mapping system,” states Liz.

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