Lardiere Fine Foods


Hungry for more! When the top hotels, lodges and boutique establishments require preservative-free, bespoke artisanal room treats for their guests, they turn to Lardiere Fine Foods. Dorothy Day once said that ‘food for the body is not enough. There must also be food for the soul’, which is where Lardiere Fine Foods comes into the picture. Junelle Germishuizen has always had a passion for food, with her company producing artisanal products that are bespoke and preservative free for the hospitality industry. “Tourism in South Africa is one of the few areas where business continues to grow significantly, and we have positioned ourselves with the right establishments both in SA and internationally to take advantage of this. For me, it is always about staying ahead of current trends, and focusing on new products, ingredients and flavours,” she says. Junelle explains that her biggest challenge lies in convincing the hospitality industry that her solution will add to guests’ accommodation experiences and that they need Lardiere to make this possible. To overcome this, she would like to bring on board a strategist to assist with a business plan, a strong financial advisor and a logistics expert to get her products distributed all over the world. “Furthermore, my dream is to set up a small factory and focus on growing this brand internationally. I know my skills lie in the creation of new products as well as the training related to producing products of the highest quality. Thus, with the addition of a few key people, I believe we can take this business to the next level.”

On-air Interview